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Bi-Tron’s Intelligent Fuel Solutions directly address the market’s key concerns of poor supply fuel quality, contamination, emissions and performance.

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The Bi-Tron range of Innovative Lubricant Solutions deliver enhanced protection and industry-leading heat reduction for our clients’ engine and drivetrain systems, extending equipment life and reducing maintenance overhead.

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Engineered to outlast and outperform, Bi-Tron’s Integrated Maintenance Solutions are a direct replacement for clients’ existing servicing and workshop products.

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Our team of experienced product designers and industrial chemists enable Bitron International to develop Customised Solutions for specific client and site issues.

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Bi-Tron – Engineered to Outperform

Bitron International manufactures the complete Bi-Tron range of Intelligent Fuel Solutions, Innovative Lubricant Solutions and Integrated Maintenance Solutions. We also specialise in developing and manufacturing Customised Solutions for the Renewable Energy and Bio-Fuel market.


With Bi-Tron, engines run cooler, more smoothly and more efficiently.  Performance and fuel economies are improved. Emissions and particulates are reduced. Our products have stood the test of time. Nearly two decades of in-service field use in Australia alone guarantees quality and reliability. Customers consistently report reduced maintenance and fuel consumption.


Bitron International is a 100% Australian-owned company with its Head Office, Manufacturing and Warehousing located on the Gold Coast, Queensland.


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